One of the greatest needs in a child’s life, is the need for their father’s LOVE.

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You are the man God chose to be the father of your children

Vincent Foster, deputy counsel to the President of the United States–and suicide victim–as he was addressing the graduating class of the University of Arkansas School of Law stated: “Balance wisely your professional life and your family life. If you are fortunate to have children, your parents will warn you that they will grow up and be gone before you know it. I can testify that it is true. God only allows us so many opportunities with our children to read a story, go fishing, play catch, and say our prayers together. Try not to miss one of them. The office can wait. It will still be there after your children are gone.” Foster we spot on with this statement.

As a father there is constant pressure to be more.  To be an example, to be involved, to be wiser, to be the knight in shining armor.  There is no doubt that fathering can be overwhelming but one thing is certain; you are the man God chose to be the father of your child. Not their mother, not your brother, not your neighbor, not your pastor, not your friend…YOU.  Once you can come to the realization of this fact, you can begin to understand that God has also provided you with the ability to be a good father.  Good fathering skills are either learnt through advisement and training or acquired through experience over time. Either way the resources are available to you to be a ‘Good Father’.



Our mission is to bring about a greater awareness to the importance of fathering in the nation.  We aim to highlight the positive effects of good fathers, the negative effects of absent/degenerate fathers while providing ways and means for fathers to improve their fathering skills.  The aim is to concentrate on an area of the family unit that is in desperate need of help – fathers.  It is our belief that through helping fathers with fathering, we help families, build communities and better the nation.


For many years we have seen the negative effects on our country from children who for whatever reason, lack the guidance of a good father in their lives. In many instances fathers do not possess the tools needed to be good fathers. It is our hope that we at The Good Father Foundation can help fathers to reach their fullest potential, empowering them to have positive effects on their children’s lives. The end goal is to make The Bahamas a better place through strengthening family bonds concentrating on the bond between father and child while reducing the instances of at risk young men and women in our society.


Deep down every good father wishes the best for their children. However, the truth of is that many fathers never had fathers present in their lives, hence the tools needed to be a good father were never passed down to them.  We seek to empower fathers by providing them with the tools needed to be better.  There is no secret formula to good fathering but, there are some values that are key to success. We chose to focus on valuing the following: Family, leadership, respect, community and morality.

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